Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ouchie ouchie waaa waaa waaa!

I fell two Sundays ago. I was on my early morning long run where the light was too dim and I was not wide awake enough to remember that a particular manhole cover that I had run past many times before was sticking out an inch above the ground. It happened so quickly that I only realized what had happened after I picked myself up from all fours and barked a very audible F-word!, then felt the pain in both knees and my left hand. My right hand was saved by my packet of Gu. (I have absolutely no recollection of how I carried my bottle of drink because I don’t recall dropping it.) I knew I had an audience of one because I had run past her a few seconds ago so the embarrassment quotient (EmQ) didn’t soar too high.

I was only about a third through my run and the pain was starting to intensify but since I only had surface injuries that weren’t quite dripping with blood, I knew I could make it all the way. So after about an hour of running with wounds stinging and smarting, and blood staining my top, I jumped into the shower and howled silently with pain (didn’t want to wake the kids up) while a thousand red hot angry ants tried to burrow under my skin.

After three days of dealing with oozy, pussy, pussy, pus-sy wounds that were subjected to numerous accidental bumps from the kids, the wounds have crusted over and are healing well. It's hard to resist peeling off the scabs and admiring the new pink skin. Claire loves to finger the scabs and go, "Eeeee! Dirty!" James pats them and assures me, "Don't worry Mommy. They will be better tomorrow."

Then during my run during the evening rush hour today, had I not very skillfully and expertly swerved at the last nanosecond, I would have re-enacted the whole falling scene again, except this time the EmQ would have soared sky high and my F-word! would have reverberated thunderously through the still evening air and caused a thousand birds to flee their nests in terror.

Here. Pictures of the damage of August 30. The abrasions don't look too gory but they hurt like a MF. (I know - I have knobbly knees like the Gruffalo.)

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tigerfish said...

Ouch! That must be painful esp when you shower. Take care.