Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pain is love, love is pain. Whatever.

On the day following a hard session of interval training, engage in these activities to aggravate muscle soreness and runner's knee:

1. Be 158cm tall and weigh 47kg. For steps 2 to 10, wear crappy rubber slippers with zero support and cushioning.

2. Make a trip to the mall with your 11kg child strapped to your body. Return home.

3. Within the next hour, take your 18kg child to the same mall.

4. Carry said child who claims to be tired after five minutes of alighting from the bus.

5. Stoop down to check out your newly developed photos with said child sitting on the thigh of your bent left leg.

6.Carry child who desires to rest his head on mommy dearest's shoulder.

7. Hang around toy department, squatting down a dozen times to "appreciate" and "marvel at" wheels of toy vehicles.

8. On return leg home (pun so very much intended), piggyback so-called tired child who informs you that cutting off your air supply clasping his hands around your neck is not easy. Cruelly force him to walk a hundred metres, then carry him the rest of the way home.

9. Pre-dinner, take your children to the park and engage in games of catching, racing and ball-kicking.

10. Post-dinner, go for a stroll and carry still-tired and mommy's-shoulder-loving child during the last hundred metres.

11. Plan for the next day's run with your expensive cushioned running shoes.


Anonymous said...

What a total useless husband you have !!!

The Baker Girl said...

The so-called totally useless husband has amazing abilities to make up for any shortfalls he thinks he has. :)

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